Welcome to our New Website!
Welcome to our New Website!
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A message from Amber

My philosophy in art is simple – I think the world could always use more cute!

I make little things intended to make your life just a bit happier—cards, magnets, keychains, stickers and the like.   My drawings are the things I love - things that are cute and a little nerdy.

As you browse you’ll see a lot of cats - because adorable - and you’ll see them in some not-so-catlike situations.  In space.  Disguised as donuts.  Wearing lab coats.  Everything that I draw is something that made me laugh when the idea came to me, and again once I sat back and looked at the completed art!  That means a lot of cats, the occasional unicorn or screaming taco, a heavy dusting of the absurd, and a heaping shovelful of cuteness.

So look around - see if anything makes you smile!


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