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Amber Morgan is a Phoenix, Arizona based artist who started out creating realistic colored pencil portraits and fairy drawings in her youth, has explored tattoo and rockabilly culture inspired art, and in 2013, began drawing adorably ridiculous things like cat-fruit hybrids and cats who are made of donut.

Her art has brought smiles and laughter to her fans and fellow animal lovers.  Her ideas are inspired largely by her kitties, particularly the little explorer Max who every day found new wonder in his world and shared his immense love openly.  Max is gone, but his memory lives on in Amber's art.

Amber hopes to one day open a no-kill shelter in Max's memory, called Max's House.  He was a rescue kitty who was about a year old when found and taken to a shelter, where Amber found him and gave him a home.  Seven years later it was found that Max had a heart condition that was rapidly taking his life, so the family gathered around him to see him off on his next big adventure, and thank him for all the love he had given.

From her drawings of Max, Princess Sparkle and Blitz to her silly animals and crazy faced food which are a visual depiction of the feelings of anxiety, Amber's drawings continue to capture the hearts of many share her love of the sweet, the colorful, the adorable, and the slightly eccentric.

So look around - see if anything makes you smile!

Space kitty in a UFO