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The Day We Met Max

On a sunny April day in 2011, we went to a shelter looking for a friend for our kitty, Blitz. He was showing signs of being very anxious when left home alone, so we wanted to find a second kitty to keep him company.
As we walked through the shelter, we saw so many adorable cats.  Most of the cats were going about their business in their enclosures, paying us no mind.  Eventually we came to an acrylic window where there were two gray cats.  One of the cats rushed to the window, wide eyed, and started meowing urgently.  He clearly wanted our attention, and needed to talk to us.  He had such a sweet face, gray and white with round golden eyes and one crinkled up ear.
We read on the sign that his name was Max and he was estimated to be a little over a year old - making him an adult cat by the shelter's standards, and less likely to be adopted.  The ear also made him less likely to be adopted, and I was nearly convinced we should adopt him just based on that.
We visited with him in a private room, and the first thing he did was climb up on the bench next to me and roll on his back, exposing his belly.  I knew then that I didn't have to worry about the two cats getting along - once they got used to each other, Max would be less likely to challenge Blitz's status in the household.  We fell in love with his sweet demeanor, and had to have him.
We took him home, and our little family was complete with this adorable and loving little fellow!
Meet Max the Rescue Cat

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