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Max's New Life

As Max settled in to life with us, his amazing personality began to emerge.  He and Blitz came to terms after a few weeks and slow introduction through baby gates and controlled meetings.  There were a few incidents of hissing, but their introduction went so much better than I had hoped.  
Max was so energetic, he played with gusto and loved even harder.  Each day, he would walk around the apartment, looking at and smelling everything as if it was the first time he had explored our home.  No nook or cranny was spared, he stuck his cute little nose everywhere and determined his favorite spots.  As we watched this kitty who approached his world with such innocence and wonder, his sweetness won our hearts.
We had already had lots of toys for Blitz, and Max very much enjoyed meeting each and every one.  He would pluck a toy from the toybox, and chase it around, throw it in the air, and meow at it when it wasn't being entertaining enough.
Max was a nester, so after playing with a toy he would pick it up in his mouth, and walk it to his nesting spot to hide it within the folds of a towel, or pile of other toys.  He liked to declare them as his, and frequently would lay on them while giving the rest of us a look that said "I have claimed these toys in the name of Max!  Stay back!"
Max the Rescue Cat Claims a Toy

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